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The Hyundai Kona Electric Boasts An Extremely Affordable Price Tag

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Much more affordable than the Tesla Model 3.

Despite the promise of a $35,000 Model 3, Tesla has yet to introduce the affordable base model everyone initially wanted. The cheapest Model 3 on sale today costs around $49,000 and the $35,000 version won't go into production until at least April or May of 2019.

Some people may still be waiting for the affordable Model 3 to arrive but for those who want to buy an electric car right now, Hyundai has revealed pricing for the 2019 Kona Electric. It may not be quite as "cool" as the Model 3 but the Kona certainly has value on its side.

All Kona Electrics come with a 150 kW electric motor producing 201 horsepower enabling 258 miles on a single charge - that's 38 more than you'll get on the base Model 3. All of this electric goodness starts at $36,450 for the base SEL trim level. This may sound like a lot but factor in the $7,500 tax credit and the price comes in at $29,995.

The Model 3 will also come with a tax incentive, though it will only be half as much now that Tesla has hit the 200,000 unit delivery mark. The higher Kona Electric Limited trim starts at $41,150 ($33,650 with incentives) and the top Ultimate trim starts at $44,650 ($37,150 with incentives).

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As of this writing, there are few EVs which offer a 250+ mile range at an affordable price. The Kona's siblings from Kia, the e-Niro and Soul Electric should be quite close on price and range but even the new longer-range Nissan Leaf fails to match the Kona's range. We are sure plenty of people would rather pay a bit more to have the prestige of a Tesla but the Kona Electric is certainly an interesting entrant into the EV segment.