Super Bowl

The Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Will Either Be One Of The Best Or Worst Ever

Hyundai is taking a big risk with its Super Bowl LI commercial.

Hyundai will be taking a different approach when it comes to its 2017 Super Bowl ad. The automaker has hired director and Mark Wahlberg fan Peter Berg—“Patriots Day” and “Deepwater Horizon” are two of his most recent films—to direct a 90-second documentary that will, in Hyundai’s words, “capture some of the best off-the-field Super Bowl moments.” The spot will air in what’s called the “post-gun” slot. That’s between the end of the game and before Roger Goodell hands a smug Tom Brady and Robert Kraft the Super Bowl LI trophy.

Filming and editing a 90-second ad during the biggest single-day sporting event on the planet is no easy task. Throw in the fact that the mini doc has to somehow tie into Hyundai’s cars and you realize just what a monumental task director Peter Berg is undertaking. If it works this could go down as one of the best Super Bowl commercials a car company has ever made. Berg’s cameras will surely capture a range of emotions from the crowd. The agony and ecstasy of fans attending the game should make for a compelling story. Or it could be one big train wreck, a minute and a half of cheering, sighing and stupid signs that makes you immediately want to change the channel. What we do know is that it’ll probably be more interesting than Honda’s CR-V ad.

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