The Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Will Either Be One Of The Best Or Worst Ever

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Hyundai is taking a big risk with its Super Bowl LI commercial.

Hyundai will be taking a different approach when it comes to its 2017 Super Bowl ad. The automaker has hired director and Mark Wahlberg fan Peter Berg-"Patriots Day" and "Deepwater Horizon" are two of his most recent films-to direct a 90-second documentary that will, in Hyundai's words, "capture some of the best off-the-field Super Bowl moments." The spot will air in what's called the "post-gun" slot. That's between the end of the game and before Roger Goodell hands a smug Tom Brady and Robert Kraft the Super Bowl LI trophy.

Filming and editing a 90-second ad during the biggest single-day sporting event on the planet is no easy task. Throw in the fact that the mini doc has to somehow tie into Hyundai's cars and you realize just what a monumental task director Peter Berg is undertaking. If it works this could go down as one of the best Super Bowl commercials a car company has ever made. Berg's cameras will surely capture a range of emotions from the crowd. The agony and ecstasy of fans attending the game should make for a compelling story. Or it could be one big train wreck, a minute and a half of cheering, sighing and stupid signs that makes you immediately want to change the channel. What we do know is that it'll probably be more interesting than Honda's CR-V ad.

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