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The Hyundai Veloster N Will Crush Other Hot Hatchbacks On Price

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But that affordable price may come with a catch.

We have been very impressed by the second generation Hyundai Veloster and the high-performance Veloster N will look to impress even more. The standard Veloster, as well as the sportier Veloster Turbo, are very affordable compared to the competition. While official pricing hasn't been confirmed, Hyundai has told us the Veloster N will cost under $28,000 with freight for the standard car or under $30,000 with the optional performance package. This makes the Veloster N nearly $7,000 less than the Honda Civic Type R and nearly $12,000 less than the Volkswagen Golf R.

Of course, the Veloster N isn't quite as powerful as the Type R or Golf R, it sort of sits between the Golf GTI and the more powerful R. Even still, the base Veloster N is good value with its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which produces 250 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque (more than a Golf GTI). The $2,000 performance package ups power to 275 hp while torque remains the same. This falls short of the Type R's 306 hp and the Golf R's 292 hp, but the Veloster N will likely make up for it with its smaller size and more nimble driving feel.

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This pricing has us extremely excited about the Veloster N when it eventually hits dealerships in the United States. Unfortunately, our excitement doesn't come without hesitation. Hyundai has already had difficulty building enough units of the Veloster N's counterpart, the i30 N, to fill demand in Europe. This leads us to believe Hyundai could face a supply problem in the US.

Sources close to Hyundai have told us the Veloster N may be capped to fewer than 1,000 units, which would severely impact the car's availability. This was the same issue the Civic Type R had when it went on sale in the US. The demand outstripped the supply and dealerships charged up to $15,000 over sticker price for the car.

At the launch event for the car, Hyundai stressed how this would be a "reverse halo car" to attract people to the brand and that the company will build as many as demand dictates. There seems to be some contradicting information on the matter, so we'll have to wait for official word from Hyundai. Please Hyundai, just build enough so everyone can have one. If not, expect to see ludicrous "market adjustments" from local dealerships.