The Hyundai Veloster Turbo Was Never The Hot Hatch We Hoped For


But that doesn't mean it's not fun to drive.

We had hope. We really did. Back in 2012, about a year or so after the base Veloster launched, Hyundai revealed the Veloster Turbo. It shares the same 1.6-liter four banger as the base model, only with an added turbo. On paper, its specs sounded decent enough and its looks, well, you either loved or hated them. To each their own. We happened to dig the Veloster's styling and after spending time with a Veloster Turbo for our latest unboxing review, we appreciate Hyundai's radical design approach more than ever.

But how is the Veloster Turbo as a hot hatch? It's got some pretty stiff competition, after all. VW GTI. Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST. So what's our gripe with the Veloster Turbo? It's simply underdeveloped.

Handling is decent enough but compared to those competitors, it's no match. As a hatchback itself, ignoring those other hot hatches, we still like the Veloster Turbo and we're really hoping a second generation model will launch soon. With its new N performance division in the works, which is headed by BMW M's former boss (yes, really) a second-gen Veloster Turbo has so much potential. Thank you to Sacramento Hyundai for letting us shoot the car.

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