Drag Race

The i3 Goes Up Against an... M3?!

Are they being serious or is this some sick joke?

In one lane we have BMW’s aggressive, gas-sucking and much beloved M3 coupe. That naturally-aspirated V8-powered wonder is the object of many car guys’ and girls’ dreams, although sadly its M4 successor won’t inherit that V8. In the other lane is BMW’s latest piece of future high-tech: the all-electric i3. No, this isn’t a true drag race, but the UK launch of the i3. A group of journalists was recently invited out to ex-F1 circuit, Brands Hatch, to test drive a fleet of i3s.

BMW surprised them with some professional instructors in a pair of M3s. The idea here was to race them to show off the i3’s performance capabilities. And as BMW anticipated, the i3 more than proved itself.

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