The Idea Of A Bugatti Crossover Should End Right Here


No disrespect to its designer, but Bugattis and crossovers don't mix.

Although it seems very unlikely in realty, the thought of a Bugatti crossover hasn't escaped the imaginations of some rendering artists. We've had several conversations with Bugatti officials and at no point did the subject of a future crossover come up. A Bugatti sedan? Well, there was 2009's Galibier Concept, which we still dig, but even the chances of that happening are slim to none. We hope the same goes for a crossover, especially after seeing these renderings by designer Narendra Singh.

Now, we want to be clear: in no way are we attempting to criticize Singh's design abilities; we simply don't like this particular result. That's it. Called the Intruder Concept, it features many familiar Bugatti design traits, notably the side vents and front grille. Also notice the roof lighting in place of the Veyron's roof scoops. Nice detail. Like the Veyron and Chiron, the Intruder has seating for only two, which sort of defeats the purpose of a crossover. But it's the overall shape that we can't get behind. It's too stubby looking. It just doesn't fit what a Bugatti – any Bugatti – ought to be.

If, however, Bugatti were build a crossover, chances are it would ride on the same platform as the Bentley Bentayga, as both brands are under the Volkswagen Group umbrella. In other words, a Bugatti crossover needs to be big, bold and brash. Anything less wouldn't do the brand justice. Still though, we doubt Bugatti is even thinking of a future crossover, at least not at the moment.

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