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The Ideal Audi A6: Gas or Diesel?

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Has a diesel V6 finally proven to be better than a supercharged V6?

So you've ruled out a hybrid luxury sedan for a number of reasons, mainly due to lack of solid performance. Your choices are now either a gasoline or diesel-engined machine, and although you do have some environmental concerns on your mind, being green isn't a must. But still, saving money at the pump sounds nice. Audi fortunately has two excellent solutions to this dilemma: the A6 TFSI V6 and the A6 TDI V6. While both have 3.0-liter engines, the familiar gasoline engine may have met its ultimate match in the form of this powerful yet efficient turbo diesel.

The boys over at XCar were obviously wondering this same thing so they decided to pit the two against one another in this latest video. Funnily enough, since filming this video, Audi has dropped the TFSI V6 from the UK A6 lineup.

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