The Immortal Mitsubishi Lancer Will Die Out By The End Of 2018


The car that just couldn't be killed is letting out its final death rattle.

"What's that?" you say. "The Mitsubishi Lancer is still alive?" Well, yes. It is despite the fact that the Lancer Evo was phased out in 2016 and news that the regular Lancer, the same one that's been out since 2007, is supposed to die out any day now. That news came last year and now in early 2018, we can see that the Lancer is still kicking and writhing around as customer demand stands to kill it off before Mitsubishi does. According to Car Advice, we shouldn't worry about the poor Lancer suffering much longer.


That's because this will be the year that Mitsubishi hammers the last nail into the Lancer's coffin. Seriously this time, unless you live inside of the Chinese and Taiwanese markets for which production will continue. Production for the 2017 model was supposed to end in August for the American market, but a trip to the Mitsubishi Motors USA website will show that "brand-new" 2017 Lancers are still available for configuration. And yes, that means you can currently get a manual Lancer for about $200 a month. In Australia, the situation is similar given the fact that Mitsubishi Motors Australia ordered enough 2017 Lancers to hold it over for most of 2018. On the other hand, the small Mirage will remain in production for the time being.

Don't expect another four-door non-SUV to hit the market unless the craze dries up or the Nissan-Renault occupation brings about a shared sedan, however. "We'd hope that medium- or longer-term, the opportunities the alliance brings might end up bringing some sort of solution in that passenger segment," said Mitsubishi Motors Australia CEO John Signoriello to Car Advice. "What we do know is the SUV strategy we undertook a few years ago is actually the right one," he added. While we weren't incredibly happy with how the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross performed against to its competitors, what is almost certain is that it will help keep the Japanese automaker relevant in a market that would otherwise evolve to overshadow it.


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