The Incredible Cavallino Classic: One Of The World's Biggest Ferrari Meets Will Blow Your Mind

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Spectacular gathering of old and new Ferraris was held in Palm Beach, Florida.

One of the world's largest gatherings of Ferrari owners and enthusiasts, last weekend the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, hosted the 24th annual Cavallino Classic. Sometimes at events like this, the car park is just as impressive as the showcase. So before wandering around the rain-soaked lawns to admire the rare and vintage Ferraris, there was a chance to check out a Gulf Oil-liveried McLaren P1, a Ferrari LaFerrari and Enzo as well as a few 458 Speciales, Bugatti Veyrons, Porsche 911 GT3s and more.

After a sumptuous first course, the belly-busting main meal was made up of over 150 painstakingly restored Ferraris from the past half-century. Millions of dollars' worth of sheetmetal was on display, including a 1953 Ferrari 375 Spider by Pininfarina, a 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, the blue-and-yellow 250 GTO estimated to be worth $30 million, a bright-yellow 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione Speciale worth a reported $75M, and a 1965 Ferrari 166 P / 206 SP Dino which won "best in show." Other lustworthy Prancing Horses included a 1959 250 GT Berlinetta long-wheelbase coupe and 1954 Ferrari 375 MM PF Speciale. Thanks to Harrison Kramer, we have this stunning gallery from the event to share with you.

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