The Infiniti Range Could Soon Be Getting Way More Interesting


There's more than just luxury sedans in the pipelines.

In the grand scheme of things, Infiniti's current model range doesn't exactly get the pulses racing per se. For sure, Nissan's luxury off-shoot isn't a maker of bad or boring cars, and there's no denying that the firm's made some big leaps in design over the last few years. But there's little currently offered by Infiniti that truly gets people genuinely excited for the brand. A lot of that can be put down to the company not having a performance car identity, so it's reassuring to know that Infiniti is seriously considering a racier future for its model portfolio.

Speaking to the UK's Auto Express (AE), Infiniti president Roland Kreuger revealed that a far sportier future is being plotted, with a lot of the groundwork being already laid out. According to Krueger, the "S" nomenclature on the flagship Q60 coupe trim will spawn a new performance-oriented series of cars that will, according to Auto Express, include the Q50 sedan and the QX50 SUV. Furthermore, the "S" badges will find themselves on additional versions as well: alongside the red S on the petrol-powered vehicles, a blue S will denote a sporty hybrid version and a silver S will be used on standard cars as a sporty trim spec that's identical in concept to, say, Mercedes-Benz's AMG Line setup.

The performance-oriented Infiniti rabbit hole goes down far further than that, though. Krueger revealed that Infiniti's currently sketching out designs that are "way in excess of what we've seen so far, and he also suggested that Infiniti could use its place in the Renault-Nissan Alliance to its benefit when developing more performance-oriented models. Not only does this partnership mean Infiniti has access to Nismo's expertise, but the close ties with Renault means that Renault Sport's involvement is possibly on the table with such future Infiniti projects. One can only imagine how awesome an Infiniti that was co-developed by Nismo and Renault Sport would be!

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