The Interior Of The 2022 Honda HR-V Looks Amazingly Comfortable

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It should be class-leading by quite some margin.

Last month, Honda unveiled the new 2022 HR-V for the European market. We're still waiting for Honda to show America's next-generation HR-V, which will be designed specifically for the US market. The US version will be larger, but we're hoping it will still look as sleek as its European sibling. It's not only the exterior that has been redesigned, however.

Honda claims the cabin offers "levels of comfort and practicality unrivaled in the sub-compact SUV segment," with more rear legroom, improved visibility, and extra shoulder space. Now, Honda has revealed new details about the redesigned interior that make it one of the most comfortable cabins in its class.

One of the cabin's most innovative comfort features is a unique Air Diffusion System that "introduces a new concept of air conditioning" with L-shaped vents at the top corners of the dashboard delivering "the restorative effects of a natural breeze to all occupants." It's a subtle effect, but it improves passenger comfort significantly.

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"This idea was born from the concept of designing light and wind to improve passenger comfort," said Honda Large Project Leader, Yoshitomo Ihashi. "We set out to eradicate as many areas of discomfort as possible by using nature as our inspiration. This new ventilation configuration resolves a disparity in traditional vent configurations, where passengers often feel uncomfortable with air flowing directly onto them. The result is a sense of airiness, with a more comfortable internal environment for all occupants."

When the Air Diffusion System is selected, it directs soft breeze-like air along the side windows. The air also travels to the roof, creating a "gentle vortex of air that does not impact directly on passengers". By forming an air curtain around front and rear-seat passengers, it can block the heat coming through the side windows in the summer and cold air during winter. In all weather conditions, the Air Diffusion System will maintain a consistent cabin temperature.

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The windows are also designed to let as much light into the cabin as possible while providing improved visibility combined with the flat line of the hood. Clear sightlines also make it easy to monitor the car's position on the road. The cabin adopts a minimalist design, with the audio and ventilation controls and instrument panel positioned as close as possible to the driver's field of vision.

Positioning the hybrid drivetrain components within the chassis and engine bay and the fuel tank beneath the front seats has allowed Honda to position the rear seats 1.18 inches further to the rear and add an extra two degrees of recline. This layout provides an extra 1.3 inches of rear legroom and shoulder space comparable to SUVs in a class above. For front passengers, Honda has added new body-stabilizing seats designed to prevent fatigue on longer journeys. Sales for the 2022 Honda HR-V will start in Europe later this year.

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