The Internet Is Hysterically Mocking Ronaldo And His Aventador Right Now


When you're in the public eye you have to be careful what photos you share.

You have to love the internet, it really is a wonderful place full of awesomeness. There's kittens doing weird stuff racking up the views and the likes, there's videos that show off just how weird the world is and then there are keyboard ninjas happy to get involved in things they have no business being involved in. Oh, and of course there's all things cars, which is our favorite part. There are also millions of users proficient in Photoshop just waiting to show off their skills, especially when someone famous posts weird stuff.

On the subject of weird stuff, a photo of the uber-famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was just found online at The player has some serious cars in his collection, one of them a super sexy black Lamborghini Aventador. He got someone to snap a pic of him posing next to the car and uploaded it. The problem was the pose he chose for the pic. He looks sort of like a mix between Barbie's boyfriend, Ken, and the Terminator. Kind of odd really as he lives his life in front of a camera, but with his training schedule he probably doesn't get to spend much time online and he may not know that internet junkies are always ready to pounce on things like this. Enter the Ronaldo Aventador Photoshopping craze that just kicked off.

The original pic leaves a lot of space for anyone with a few Photoshop skills to have some fun. Heck, even Microsoft Paint would work with such an easy to play with picture. So far there's Batman Ronaldo, video game character Ronaldo, Ken Ronaldo, Ken in his packaging Ronaldo, Shopping Ronaldo, Statue Ronaldo and many, many more. We'll keep an eye on the ones to come out in the new week, our money is on thousands more popping up as word of this craze spreads. It must be said that the Batman one looks pretty good, if Ronaldo sees it he may use that as inspiration for his Halloween costume come month-end.

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