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But the buck-tooth front fascia is not the problem, the designer insists.

Earlier in September, BMW pulled the wraps off its all-new M3 and M4 performance sedan and coupe, and while the response was mostly positive, the design of the two cars still proved a bit contentious, not least of all because both cars feature BMW's new buck-tooth front fascia. We're still mourning the loss of BMW's classic-looking kidney grilles.

But according to designer Marouane Bembli, better known on YouTube as TheSketchMonkey, the front fascia isn't the real problem with the new 2021 BMW M4's design; it's the indecisiveness of the body sides. To his point, the M4 features three distinct shoulder lines, none of which ever meet up to form a continuous, unbroken line from front to rear.


That's primarily what Bembli focused on in his attempt to "fix" the BMW M4's design, sharing his process in a recent YouTube video. He picked the foremost shoulder line, which trails from the front fender just aft of the headlamp, and extended that line along the full length of the car, taking out the less well-defined shoulder lines on the middle of the door and along the rear fender.

He also spent some time with the front fascia, shortening the "buck teeth" and extending the lower grilles into one continuous piece to take up the extra space, relocating the front-mounted license plate in the process. The headlamps have been reshaped to better suit his new grille design.

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The end result of Bembli's redesign efforts won't please everyone, especially when it comes to the grille, but there's something to be said for a sharp, unbroken shoulder line - especially on a car with so many hard angles and creases at the front end.

Of course, no matter how you happen to feel about BMW's new corporate grille, it's best you get used to it; the automaker has no plans to do away with the feature any time soon, primarily because of the Chinese market, where automakers like BMW are still working to establish a distinct brand identity.

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