The Irony: Detroit Electric is Coming to the UK

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The world's fastest production EV has an American name and Euro production.

The moment you hear the name Detroit Electric, you'd obviously think of the Motor City. Actually, Detroit Electric was first founded over 100 years ago in Detroit. By 1912 it had become America's most successful electric car builder. Yes, EVs existed even back then. But by the 1930s the company went out of business after building about 13,000 vehicles. However, it was revived a few years ago by a former Lotus engineering chief.

Detroit Electric Via Newspress

Over a year ago the re-founded carmaker's first model was revealed, the SP:01. It's no coincidence that it looks almost exactly like a Lotus. Anyway, several months ago we learned that despite its American name and home base of operations, production of the SP:01 was going to take place in Amsterdam. Today, however, we've learned that's not going to happen. And no, Detroit is not the chosen city after all. Autocar reports that the SP:01 will in fact be built at a new facility in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in the UK. No reason why was given. Performance promises to be quite something: 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph.

Detroit Electric claims that in the future it does plan to build 2+2 electric supercar and a sedan. Both will supposedly be produced and engineered entirely in Detroit. For now though, the SP:01 is undergoing final testing before production commences, which should be fairly soon. 999 units are planned at a cost of $135,000 each - or should that be in British Pounds or Euros?

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