The Italian Stallion Ferrari 458

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Wheelsandmore have tuned the Ferrari 458 and it looks terrific. The "Italian Stallion" pumps out 621hp and can hit a top speed of 205mph.

After tuning the Ferrari California, Wheelsandmore are back with their awesome take on the Ferrari 458. The impressive Ferrari packs quite a punch and keeps its chin up doing it. Dubbed the "Italian Stallion," the Ferrari 458 lives up to its name banging out 621hp with 616 lb-ft of torque. The German tuner achieved those lofty numbers by fitting a handmade, valve controlled exhaust system with removable flaps, stainless steel manifolds and an ECU upgrade.

Thanks to all the tweaks from Wheelsandmore, the coupe can reach a top speed of 205mph. The changes didn't stop just under the hood, as the suspension also got some attention. The 458 sat so low Wheelsandmore lifted up the front axle to provide a hydraulic lift up to around 40mm just to make general clearance of all the things you may encounter on the road ie. speed bumps. Bespoke 21-inch Hankook wrapped 6Sporz2 handcrafted forged wheels help the "Itallion Stallion" handle the road and look great doing it.

The rear wing also gives the Ferrari a bit of style, however the two-tone designed exterior and racing stripe gives it a unique personality. Pricing for the "Italian Stallion" Ferrari 458 hasn't been released yet, however it is only available from Wheelsandmore.

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