The Jackass Who Lied About Drowning His Bugatti Veyron Was Just Sentenced To Prison


Here's how long he'll be in prison for.

Remember Andy House? He was the guy who crashed his 2006 Bugatti Veyron into a Texas lake, claiming at first that he was distracted by a pelican. Unfortunately for him there was video evidence of the crash. As you'd expect, no pelican was in the video. House then tried to claim that he was reaching for his cellphone. Again, that theory was debunked. What made more sense was the fact that the Veyron was purchased for $1 million but insured for $2.2 million, meaning it'd be worth a lot more dead than alive.

As you'd expect, House filed an insurance claim for the bogus crash. Prosecutors ended up debunking his claim as insurance fraud after no evidence of a bird or cellphone interference was found. Oh, and he also left the engine on while the car was in the lake to ensure that it was destroyed. Here's the video of that crash.

Last year we learned that House had pleaded guilty to insurance fraud and could do up to 20 years in prison. Now, ABC's Texas affiliate KTRE is reporting that the Bugatti killer is being sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison. There will also be three years of supervised release after House gets out of prison. Finally, he'll be forced to pay back the $600,000 settlement he hustled out of his insurance company. Does this punishment fit the crime or should House have gotten the book thrown at him harder? To us it seems fitting but we are feeling pretty damn merciful today. Hopefully Bugatti blacklists this guy from its potential purchasers list.

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