The Jaguar F-Pace's Sporty Character Turns It Into A Rally Car Off Road


This is where the Land Rover part of Jaguar Land Rover comes in handy.

Thanks to Jaguar doing its homework before parent company Tata revolutionized it, when it came time to build a new SUV, the Leaping Cat had a distinct advantage over its luxury carmaking competitors. Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and even Lamborghini are late to the table as Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes all have their dealership lots brimming with the hot selling four-wheel drive machines. And then there’s the Jaguar F-Pace.

Evidence of its timely arrival is reflected in its sales numbers. Soon after hitting dealerships, it quickly ushered in a sales frenzy for the automaker. Given its looks, we can see why.

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The Jaguar F-Pace is thus far one of the best-looking SUVs on the market, a tough job to pull off for the inflated automobiles. While looks can go a long way for auto sales, they don’t completely seal the deal, so to make sure the F-Pace is both a real Jaguar and a real SUV, Motor Trend takes it for a spin to interrogate its capabilities. Like the Porsche Macan, the F-Pace actually retains a high degree of sportiness. Then, Jonny Lieberman proceeds to take the utility vehicle to the badlands to see just how much utility it actually has. As it turns out, there's more to the F-Pace than meets the eye.