The Jaguar F-Type SVR Is So Awesome There's No Need For A New XK

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575 horsepower will do that.

During the initial rollout of the now not so new F-Type, Jaguar was still undecided about the future of its other coupe and convertible, the XK. Although it was larger than the car that ultimately replaced it, Jaguar hadn't fully given up on the idea of redesigning with more of a GT car focus. But now we can confirm, thanks to the guys at Car and Driver, that won't be happening. The XK won't be rising from the dead because Jaguar has a new "pinnacle" model in its lineup, the 575-hp F-Type SVR.

Speaking with the publication recently, Jaguar Land Rover North American CEO Joe Eberhardt made clear that selling two high-end coupes simply won't work. The core pricing of the luxury market, according to Eberhardt, is in the $35,000 to $125,000 range. Anything priced above that won't help Jaguar in its quest to double its sales. At the moment, for example, the F-Type and XJ sedan each only sell about 400 units per month in the US. Jaguar is pleased with those figures and it's fully aware both models are at the top of the lineup "pyramid," meaning lower priced models like the XE, XF and F-Pace are its volume sellers. Could there be new Jag models in the future? Yes, but the XK won't be one of them.

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