The Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy Is Wonderfully Ridiculous

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It's all-electric. It's got a big rear wing. And it's blue. Wicked.

Change may be coming to the type of technology that powers cars, but what's for certain is that performance won't be sacrificed. Introducing the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy, built specifically for Jaguar's own creation: the world's first production battery electric vehicle race series. Not only will the I-Pace eTrophy serve as the support series for the Formula E championship starting next year, it will also be on the grid in 20 cities worldwide as part of a ten-race series. The cities will include Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, New York, and Sao Paolo.

A total of 20 I-Pace eTrophy racers will be built by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations. At the moment, JLR hasn't released the vehicle's performance data and other specifics, but promised that'll all be made public, including pricing, in 2018. What we particularly like about the eTrophy is that big rear wing, which is, obviously, functional and a reminder that this vehicle means business. Remember, Jaguar Land Rover has already committed to electrifying its lineup. By 2020 all new model lines will either feature hybrid or battery tech; think of the I-Pace eTrophy as part of the opening shot of a whole new era. The Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy will hit the grid not long after the road-going I-Pace goes on sale in late 2018.

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