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The Jaguar I-Pace Will Be More Influential Than We Thought

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The newest EV on the block is set to make a huge impact.

It was one of the most significant reveals of 2018 for Jaguar and the industry at large. The Jaguar I-Pace is the UK automaker's first-ever all-electric vehicle and it's already proving to be a hit with both critics and the public. Aside from its advanced powertrain, the I-Pace is also a crossover, the body style that just so happens to be immensely popular right now. As it turns out, the I-Pace will also greatly influence future Jaguars in a range of areas.

Autocar recently spoke with the I-Pace's chief engineer, Dave Shaw, and learned what lessons Jaguar has learned from this particular vehicle.

"EV has opened eyes in Jaguar Land Rover to the way the world is changing, and the speed of change. With the possibilities of the technology, there are no limits to it," Shaw said. "You're blessed with flexibility with electrification." As a serious gearhead, Shaw was at first hesitant to do the project, but after driving some 20,000 miles in his own I-Pace, he's become a convert to the technology. Aside from influencing how future Jaguars are conceived, the I-Pace will also inspire one main area where the brand has often been criticized, interiors.

"(The I-Pace) will inspire our interiors to move forward – we acknowledge what we need to do to Jaguar interiors and the I-Pace will inform our thinking." But will the I-Pace, and the positive experience Jaguar had developing and ultimately launching it, also inspire the iconic brand to drop internal combustion entirely? Could an eventual F-Type successor be all-electric?

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"On a personal note, who knows? This has given us an opportunity for the future to see which way it goes. Making an EV has been a good move." So, which future Jaguar model will be next to receive the full-on electrification treatment? Our best guess is the eventual XJ successor, which has been previously rumored. Doing so would enable Jaguar to have a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S, for example. There's already a Model X fighter, so going with a large luxury flagship sedan would make sense.