The Jaguar Project 7 Is Only Worried About Making You Smile

A huge ear-to-ear smile.

Few cars on the road provide enthusiasts with the childish sensation of that of the Jaguar F-Type. Even in its least powerful guise, the V6-powered F-Type is a huge laugh. Unbelievably, Jaguar decided to create an F-Type that was rarer, more powerful and even more of a laugh than the F-Type’s ridiculously overpowered V8 variant. Only 250 units were ever made and Harry Metcalfe—adviser of Jaguar Land Rover—managed to get his hands on one. We rode shotgun in this amazing car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, albeit not exactly as planned.

Listening to Metcalfe pin the throttle on this rare beast brings back some great memories, and will no doubt make you giddy with joy.

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