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The Jaguar XKE Arrives in Leno's Garage

Should we even be surprised that Jay Leno is the proud owner of a customized V12-powered Jaguar XKE? Of course not.

Jay Leno has often stated his love for cars began with a Jaguar XK120. Of course he now owns, one along with several other Jaguars. But today he's taking a look at his XKE and as you'd expect it's had some "minor" work done to it. Speaking with the Jaguar expert who did all of the custom work to the car, the Denim Chin discusses everything from its 5.7-liter V12 engine to several other unique mechanicals. But it's when he takes it out for a cruise that makes us fall for the XKE even more.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cars ever made, this customized XKE is a one-of-a-kind British-built roadster that sounds great and looks like a blast to drive.

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