The Jakusa Design Triango Concept Is A Hypercar Without A Soul

Can you spec this machine into life?

Likeso many other startup manufacturers, Hungarian-based Jakusa Design has beenhard at work creating this shell of what should, someday, become an outstandingboutique supercar or hypercar. At the moment, though, the Triango prototype hasbeen released by the company and despite its eye-catching exterior design, itdoesn't seem to have much of a soul (or any of those all-important underhoodmoving parts). The Triango was designed by a Behance artist, and may remain aprototype with no production in sight.

However, before it dusts away in somebody's garage, maybe the Triangostill has a chance. Assuming you agree with the designer's decisions –especially regarding that low ride, those long and narrow headlights, ridiculous gullwingdoors and the swooping rear window and long boxy decklid – how would you specthis car to become a tried and true supercar or hypercar deserving of itsunique shape? Should the company push production, or should this concept betossed away in the pile of soulless shells that never made it from designer'sstudio and onto the road?

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