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The Jeep Cherokee Still Looks Weird as a 3-Door

Rendering / 69 Comments

But it could be turned into a seriously fun off-roader.

On the one hand, we're thrilled that Jeep brought back the Cherokee nameplate when it replaced the aging Liberty. Why the name was dropped in the first place is anyone's guess. The Cherokee name actually means something; Liberty is just the result of focus group studies. But anyway, the revived Jeep Cherokee, despite not being a true SUV underneath, is poised to sell in huge numbers even though we're still having a hard time getting over its front-end styling.

We've warmed up to it somewhat, but we can easily see how others hate it. Aside from that, the new Cherokee looks pretty solid inside and out. So how about slicing off the rear doors and turning it into a three-door? After all, this was done with the original all those years ago, so why not do it again? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin asked himself the same question. Here's his answer. Let us know what you think.

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