The Jeep Grand Cherokee Lemon Rapper Denies FCA's Buy Back Offer


Here's why he told the company to keep its cash.

It was about a month ago that Australian Teg Sethi shot to Internet stardom for this song lashing out against Fiat Chrysler Australia (FCA). The issue centered on a lemon Jeep Grand Cherokee and the automaker's treatment of Sethi when he tried to get the vehicle fixed (no go) or his money back (super no go). Eventually the Australian grew tired of the automaker's antics and the rest is YouTube history. Now it seems that FCA has tried to make amends but Sethi isn't up for its offer.

The automaker recently offered him a refund of $61,500 AUD, which comes out to $44,610 USD. That deal was rejected for its clauses, not the dollar amount. "The offer was straight-out ridiculous, there are clauses in there designed to muzzle other lemon law campaigners, including my family, even including my son," he told Daily Mail Australia. While the offer doesn't specifically list Sethi's 14-month-old son it does prohibit his children from making disparaging comments against FCA. The deal wasn't an easy one to deny, especially since the ultimate goal seemed to be a refund of some sort. "If I agreed to take their money, I would have to deal with my conscience, it was the hardest decision I have ever made [rejecting it]," he said.

Sethi said he would have been with a gag order on him and his car, but FCA understandably wanted to be protected on all fronts. The ironic thing is that FCA has given him his busted Grand Cherokee back as he refused its buy back offer. Sethi said the SUV still has a steering problem. It seems like Fiat Chrysler Australia will have to deal with more viral videos in the future, which is a shame as we think the current Jeep Grand Cherokee isn't bad at all. The luxurious SUV starts at $29,995 and there's a trim level for all tastes. Hell, even the eco conscious can dig the SUV as the 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel is good for up to 30 mpg on the highway.

Of course a variety of price points and good highway gas mileage don't trump bad customer service. Maybe Jeep should have traded Sethi an SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee complete with a Hellcat engine instead. That'd be a really tough deal to deny.

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