The Jump Scene From Gone In 60 Seconds Replicated In GTA 5

This is epic.

It’s amazing how talented some people are at recreating famous movie moments, but these guys really took things to a whole new level. Far from the conventional method of remaking a movie, these clever developers used the new Grand Theft Auto 5 video game to re-enact the famous jump scene from Gone In 60 Seconds where Nicholas Cage runs from the police in his beloved "Eleanor." Frame for frame this remake is strikingly accurate.

From the looks of the scenery, to the movements of the car and even down to the driver’s facial expressions, this is an incredibly impressive piece of work. We have no idea how long it took to get this remake look so perfect, but clearly these guys have got plenty of time on their hands. Check it out.

And here’s the original clip just for comparison.

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