The Kia EV6 Will Have Some Cool Trim Names

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Smart of them to use "Light" instead of "Fire."

Kia has made the most of its recent success and is building on them with more new models. One of the most important of these is the Kia EV6, a car that is in incredibly high demand. Even the pricier First Edition model (which comes with a free Apple Watch, by the way), sold out in a single day.

It seems that the EV6 will be offered in several trims or as several special editions beyond just the First Edition, as a recent post on Kia EV Forums shows. In it, a user showed new trademarks that he came across: EV6 Air, EV6 Earth, EV6 Light, and EV6 Water.

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Driving Front Angle

These new trademarks were filed in Europe, so we don't know if they're relevant to the American market. If these are trims, then it's likely that Kia of North America will stick with its current naming convention with suffixes like EX and EX+. That's just a guess though, But we feel more inclined to go with the idea that these will be special editions of the EV6. We assume that the new names added to the vehicle would represent some sort of theme applied to each variant of the car, but until we hear anything official from Kia, we honestly have no clue.

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Driving Front Angle

Whatever these new elemental trademark filings are for, it seems that the EV6, despite being brand new, is set to continually evolve and be enhanced. The names don't suggest anything sporty )though we also noted that Kia used Light instead of the standard fourth element, fire), so we don't expect any performance increases here. . Not that the EV6 needs them - the standard vehicle is available with up to 576 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of torque if you opt for the AWD EV6 GT. In this spec, the car is capable of 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds and will top out at an impressive 161 mph. Whatever the future holds for the EV6, it has a great base to build on.

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Source Credits: Kia EV Forums

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