The Kia Sedona Is Getting A New Name

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It will now be called by the same name as its Korean counterpart.

The Kia Sedona has been extensively updated for 2021, but that model has still been around for a little too long. Fortunately, a new oneis one the way for 2022, and it will be completely different. So different, in fact, that Kia no longer calls it a minivan but rather a 'Grand Utility Vehicle'.

We're not sure if the GUV acronym will take off, but along with a designation change, Kia is also changing its name according to Korean Car Blog. The Sedona will no longer be known as such and shall henceforth be known in America as the Kia Carnival, which is the same name that it gets in South Korea.

Front Angle View Kia
Rear Angle View Kia

The reason for the name change hasn't been made clear, but it's likely to offer a more unified global product offering and, more importantly, for buyers to truly appreciate that this is an all-new vehicle in every sense of the term. Thanks to a new design direction, the Carnival will be radically different in terms of looks too, with an expansive 'Tiger Nose' grille between LED headlights, and a new 'island roof' design featuring blacked-out A- and B-pillars. The C-pillar is another area where the designers have let their hair down a little, with a large fin making the Carnival look more compact.

Dashboard Kia
Central Console Kia
Back Seats Kia

Inside, the new Carnival will boast a dual-screen display with a digital cluster and a touch-sensitive infotainment interface side by side, much like that of new Mercedes offerings like the S-Class. Engine choices haven't yet been confirmed, but we expect that something like Kia's 3.5-liter GDi V6 gas engine would be ideal with 290 horsepower and 261 lb-ft of torque. It's all shaping up nicely for the new 'GUV' to be a competitive offering in the market that offers the latest in both design and technology features, but when are we gonna get cool things like the Carnival Hi Limousine?

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Source Credits: Korean Car Blog

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