The King of Cool's Baja Truck For Sale

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Classic Baja 1000 truck owned by the King of Cool, Steve McQueen, is crossing the auction block next month.

In 1970 Steve McQueen bought a group of race cars from GM, who threw in this 1969 Chevy pickup as part of the package. The first full-sized 4x4 Chevy built specifically for the Baja 1000, it debuted at the inaugural race in 1968, before running in the 1969 Las Vegas Mint 400, 1970 Baja 500 and Riverside. When McQueen divorced his wife Neile Adams in 1972, his extensive car collection was sold off and disbanded, with the pickup part of the cull. It was sold to a Vic Hickey employee before falling into the hands of an off-road enthusiast after spending time as a farm vehicle.

Mecum Auto Auctions

Wearing original red paint, 16-inch wheels, a custom bungee cord hood-safety-system, era-correct decal, original Corvette bucket seats and a Vic Hickey roll cage, the rebuilt 350 Chevy small block-powered pickup with just 14,000 miles on the clock will cross the auction block next month. So if you feel like owning the icon's racing truck, head to Mecum at the Santa Monica 2013 on July 26.

Mecum Auto Auctions

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