The Koenigsegg Owners App Is Way Cooler Than We First Thought


Just one of many perks of Koenigsegg ownership.

At the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, we learned from Christian Von Koenigsegg about his ability to see the whereabouts of every single GPS-equipped Koenigsegg hypercar anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of his smartphone. The man even took out his smartphone and showed us his unique "embryonic version" of the Koenigsegg Owners’ App, clearly displaying little orange dots (the cars) on the map.

But we wanted to learn more about this owners’ app that’s, obviously, available solely to Koenigsegg owners. Koenigsegg PR chief, Steven Wade, told us that "the Koenigsegg app is being developed so that an owner can keep track of the status of his/her car – meaning fuel level, battery level, location, status, etc." And because this owners’ group is so small and tightly knit, the Swedish hypercar builder is responding to customer ideas on how to make the app more social. For example, "a scenario where a Koenigsegg owner can invite other Koenigsegg owners to track and see their car(s) from time to time. This could be a great development for get-togethers (such as the one in Geneva), road trips, etc."

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Essentially, this social feature will be perfect for whenever "multiple Koenigseggs take part." Another important service Koenigsegg offers is remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates. Say you’re driving your Koenigsegg and, for whatever reason, a mechanical issue arises, "Koenigsegg has the ability to react quickly if there is a service need or a need for remote diagnosis – for the benefit of the owners," Wade explained. And, for the record once and for all, "There are no internal cameras in the cars, and any outside facing cameras are not accessed in the app or for remote diagnostics." Even Mr. Von Koenigsegg admits "that’d be creepy."