The Koenigsegg Regera Looks Menacing In Bare Carbon Fiber

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This is how a Koenigsegg Regera looks naked.

While we still wait for an official configurator that lets us create our own dream designs, Koenigsegg has been sharing renders showing how its staff would spec their ideal Regera. We've seen everything from purple Prince tributes, to a ravishing red carbon design. This latest design by Facilities Manager Chrille takes a more subdued, yet sinister approach, stripping the Regera naked. You can trust Chrille's judgement – he's so infatuated with the company, he has the ghost logo tattooed above his ankle.

Rather than painting his Regera in brash contrasting colors, Chrille has opted for an un-tinted clear carbon design, finished with black body stripes, anthracite brake calipers and carbon wheels to create a very menacing-looking 1,500 horsepower supercar. It's also been fitted with the optional aero kit first seen on another recent render. It's a similar story in the interior. Step inside, and you'll be greeted with a predominately black cabin, with a black alcantara dashboard to minimize reflections and a black anodized command center, along with contrasting white upholstery inserts on the seats and back wall.

We've been loving this series of Regera renders so far - it's given us a unique insight into the Swedish supercar company. Koenigsegg said we can look forward to one last design later this week which promises to be something special, as we'll get to see company founder Christian von Koenigsegg's ideal Regera. Conveniently, that happens to be just before the start of Geneva Motor Show. Which Koenigsegg Regera render has been your favorite so far?

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