The Ladies Prefer Men with Green Cars


And that men find SUV-driving women rude and arrogant.

A study emanating from the UK suggests that while men think expensive cars make them more attractive to the opposite sex, woman consider them arrogant, self-centered and a danger on the road. According to a poll conducted by, women are drawn to men with "green" cars such as the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, whom they see as conscientious, intelligent and safe. On the flip side, men don't appear to be fans of female off-roaders, considering the soccer mom types to be arrogant and rude.

Other interesting factoids to emerge from the study is that sedan drivers are seen as hard-working, hatchback motorists as modest, and the most popular car color is black. The disparity between men and women suggests that the yummy mummy 'Chelsea tractor' (Translation: Rich,SUV driving soccer MILF) stereotype might be having a similar effect on men as sports cars appear to be having on women," said the company's commercial director Phil Jones.

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