The LaFerrari Aperta Has Been Caught In The Wild


Ferrari's hypercar gets the open-top treatment.

Ferrari recently confirmed what we've known for months: that it's hard at work on an open-top version of the LaFerrari. The so-called LaFerrari Aperta will be the brand's first open-top flagship model since the Ferrari F50 many years ago. As such, enthusiasts and buyers are equally excited to catch any glimpse of the car they can before it's officially unveiled to the public. While Ferrari has yet to confirm the name of the open-top LaFerrari, rumors are suggesting that it will adopt the Aperta moniker in one form or another.

Using the Aperta moniker makes sense considering Ferrari has already revived the name for use on models such as the 458 Speciale Aperta. The spy photo was posted on Facebook by car photographer Inavas Fotografias, who spotted the car as it was undergoing testing in and around Maranello, Italy. Considering Ferrari appears to have made no effort to hide the vehicle's appearance, we are assuming they wanted the car to get photographed. Why else would you drive such a highly anticipated model through the streets of Maranello without camouflage?

While Ferrari has yet to release official details regarding the Aperta, we can infer a few things from the spy photos already released.The Aperta will feature a removable roof panel that will likely be stored at home instead of in the trunk of the car. As with other boutique convertible supercars, the Aperta will also come with an emergency fabric roof that can be used if weather were to turn inclement. The open-top LaFerrari will be unveiled, new name and all, at the upcoming Paris Auto Show on September 29.

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