The LaFerrari Is A Beast Of A Hypercar To Handle In The Wet

But it always sounds glorious, whatever the weather.

The lucky few hundred that will have the pleasure of calling the LaFerrari their own, will doubtless spend more time on the track in their cutting-edge hypercars than on the road. But the weather isn’t always so accommodating for amateur drivers wanting to push the limits of their 950-horsepower V12 hybrid supercars. Here you will see a Ferrari LaFerrari spinning out on a damp track. As an added bonus, you will also get to hear the monster powerplant going full throttle.

Granted, the car isn’t exactly going flat out at the time of the backend fishtailing the car into a 360-degree spin, but when you're piloting a car that’s worth millions of dollars, any slip up like this must be a frightening experience.

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