The LaFerrari's Perfect License Plate Is Going To Auction For Silly Money

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The proceeds are also going to a fantastic cause.

Can you think of the perfect custom license plate to put on a Ferrari LaFerrari? The Henry Surtees Foundation, which is based in the UK, has the best answer we've seen so far, and it's about to action it off for loads of cash. As many of you know, customized plates in the United Kingdom are often given to the lucky winner who puts the highest bid on the plate, not necessarily the first person to think of the idea. This sometimes rewards people who are very wealthy rather than those who are very creative.

In this case, however, the money spent by the highest bidder is going to a fantastic charitable organization. The name of the license plate (or vehicle registration plate, as it's called there) is "V12 LAF." We can't think of a better name to have on the back of Ferrari's V12 hybrid-powered halo supercar. The plate "V12 LAF" can only go to one lucky winner of the auction, which runs until the end of November. This plate pairs perfectly with the spectacular 800-hp V12 engine and 163-hp KERS hybrid system that brings the exotic to a completely mental 963 combined horsepower. This money from this auction goes directly to the aforementioned Henry Surtees Foundation.

Specifically, the Foundation assists people who have suffered brain or physical injuries in auto accidents. The Foundation also provides education and training through motorsport-related programs in technology, engineering, and road safety instruction. We look forward to seeing the lucky winner of this completely badass plate with a good cause attached to it. This also wouldn't be the first time someone spent a casual $800,0000 or more on a plate for their very special Ferrari.

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