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The LaFerrari XX is Supposedly Set to Debut Next Month in Abu Dhabi

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And it'll have an insane 1,050 horsepower.

Is there such a thing as too much horsepower? Nah, and Ferrari will be one of the first to tell you that. And what better way to show off its performance capabilities than with a track only version of its LaFerrari hypercar. According to Top Gear, the LaFerrari XX will debut early next month at Ferrari's World Finals in Abu Dhabi. Although it won't qualify for any existing racing series, the LaFerrari XX will produce a total output of 1,050 horsepower – that's 100 hp more than the road-going LaFerrari.

What's more, that output is 50 percent more than a 2014 F1 car. What we can confirm to be false is that rumor claiming the LaFerrari XX would be powered by a turbo V6, similar to an F1 car's engine. The LaFerrari XX will indeed share the road-going LaFerrari's naturally aspirated V12 and electric motor setup. Like its Enzo FXX predecessor, LaFerrari XX owners will be required to keep their cars permanently stored at Maranello where they'll be maintained by Ferrari. An inside company source told TG that "We don't want them going to collectors. We want them to be driven." Expect the LaFerrari XX to carry a price tag of more than $3 million, and no more than 30 examples are planned.

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