The Lamborghini Asterion is a Hybrid

Should we even be surprised?

More details of Lamborghini’s upcoming concept/production car/we-honestly-don’t- know-what-it-is-yet have been leaked once again. The Lamborghini Asterion will be revealed later this week at the Paris Motor Show and we all need to brace ourselves for what appears to be a fact: it’s a hybrid. Now, not all is lost, obviously. We're not talking about the Prius of Italian supercars here. It's still very much a Lamborghini and we really doubt its overall performance will be anything but outstanding.

An Italian publication called Quattroruote has just published another scanned image of the Asterion and, according to Carscoops, it’s powered by a V10 gasoline engine paired with three electric motors, for a total output of 888 horsepower. No updates yet from Lamborghini itself, but it’s only a matter of time.

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