The Lamborghini Aventador Just Hit A Major Sales Milestone

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Can't stop won't stop.

The Lamborghini Aventador was launched back in 2011 but the five-year-old supercar doesn't look long in the tooth whatsoever. Last year its Superveloce (SV) variant was stealing headlines and this year we're drooling over the Centenario, a limited edition that dials the Aventador up to 22 (double 11). Now Lamborghini is celebrating another milestone for the model as it has announced that the 5,000th Aventador has rolled off its Sant'Agata Bolognese line. The historic supercar is a roadster in Rosso Bia (red).

The automaker didn't reveal the Aventador's Italian owner, but we're sure the historical significance of this Lambo is known. While it took the automaker five years to build 5,000 Aventadors we have to wonder what the final production run will settle at. Lamborghini is shifting its focus to the Urus SUV which is expected to double the automaker's volume. Your writer incorrectly predicted that Ferrari and Lamborghini were on a sales collision course (Ferrari will easily outpace Lamborghini). That being said Lamborghini should continue to incrementally increase production (and sales) of both the Aventador and Huracan. That begs the question: How soon will we be celebrating the 10,000th Aventador?

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