The Lamborghini Brand Will Become More Family Friendly To Sell The Urus

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Lamborghini could be in for some big changes.

Lamborghini has been hard at work preparing the big reveal for its new SUV. The new Urus should be introduced for 2018 and with it, the Lamborghini brand will be going through some big changes. With the popularity of SUVs, Lamborghini expects to double its sales from 3,250 cars per year, to over 6,500. In order to reach these sales numbers, Lamborghini needs to make sure that it can sell the Urus to families and single women. This means that Lamborghini will have to drastically change its current image to these demographics.

Lamborghini dealerships are therefore set to go through some changes to make them more inviting. The showrooms will have a new look with an illuminated Lamborghini shield on a black background that glows at night that is complemented by a black totem poll with the Lamborghini bull logo. There will also be digital elements that allow you to configure your car. The showroom changes should help sell the Urus. Lamborghini commercial director Federico Foschini said "while the Urus will retain the DNA of Lamborghini - we describe it as a super-sport SUV - it's arrival will mean we can speak to additional customers and fans, and we want to use this new look to welcome them in."

Fonschini expects that "there will be many customers who will own supercars from other brands at the moment and want the ultimate SUV to compliment them - and in the Urus, we will have the fastest, most powerful SUV on the market." Basically, it seems like Lamborghini is trying to become a less "intimidating" brand in order to attract family customers. Hopefully this won't take away from the brand's prestige as a supercar company.

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