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The Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Is The Ultimate In Supercar Excess

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Seriously, can anyone think of anything more outrageous than this?

Lamborghini's been associated with striking supercars ever since the gorgeous Miura was unveiled at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. So you know the Centenario's a wild machine when it comfortably ranks as one of the firm's most distinctive supercars ever made. With a 770-hp V12 engine, swathes of aggressive detailing and some of the most outrageous diffuser strakes ever fitted to a road car, the Centenario Coupe would require something very special to surpass it.

And it's here where the Centenario Roadster comes into play. Revealed to the world for the very first time at The Quail Lodge Golf Club as part of the Monterey Car Week, this monstrous Italian speed machine could very well be the most striking contemporary supercar to be on display at The Quail. That's saying something when the likes of the McLaren MSO HS and Koenigsegg Agera XS are also being presented in public for the first time at this particular event. The Centenario Roadster rockets from 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds and its top speed is 217 mph. It has a dry weight (no gas in the tank) of 3,461 pounds, with excess poundage kept of thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber; the chassis is a carbon fiber monocoque.

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To increase performance at lower speeds Lamborghini has installed its new rear-wheel steering system. This in conjunction with its AWD should allow the lightweight convertible to devour corners as adeptly as drag strips. For sure, the only real changes to the body shape involve the extra additions that make way for the Coupe's conversion into a Roadster, but why mess up the Centenario's design if it's excessive automotive flair you're trying to aim for here? A lot of that is accentuated even further by Lamborghini's decision to paint this one-off example of the 20 eventual Roadsters which will be made (all of which are spoken for at $2.3 million a pop according to Automotive News) in the "Argento Centenario" scheme you see here.

Sure, the bare carbon finish with the yellow highlights was nice and all, but the soft silver does bring out the sculpted bodywork creases and aerodynamic detailing that would have been harder to notice if the glossy CFRP from the 2016 Geneva Show car was carried over to the Roadster. For sure, the silver doesn't make this roofless Centenario subtle, but it makes this Lamborghini about as tasteful as any outrageously styled supercar has any right to be.