The Lamborghini Countach 50 Concept Is Retro Perfection

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Smooth and sharp, all at once.

The Lamborghini Countach was arguably the most important model in the company's history, having inspired every Lambo model since. The legendary supercar recently celebrated its 50th birthday, and even today, it's a spectacular machine. So what would happen if the Countach were to be released today? How would it look, and could a design that's half a century old really work in the modern age? To answer that question, Arc Design decided to reimagine the Countach as it may look today, and from every angle, the results are stunning. Blending classic design with modern materials and technology, the Countach 50 Concept is gorgeous.

Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design

By smoothing the design of the Countach, you might think that its drama is diminished, but the sharp edges remain where they matter, and a massive diffuser with a unique multi-exit exhaust balances clean styling with complex design. As you can see, this car has been rendered with extensive use of forged carbon fiber. Even the rear engine cover is surrounded by the stuff. By the way, those louvers also house individual brake light strips that activate in tandem with the Y-shaped "filaments" housed inside the original taillight shape. It's simple but effective, and fuses modern tech with classic art - have a look in the gif below.

Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design

At the front, you lose out on pop-out headlights, but the new LED units pay homage to the original beautifully. Something that made the Countach especially outstanding in its time was the number of scoops and wings that looked tacked on. These added to the visual drama of the car, and Arc design has integrated both a retractable intake scoop on either side (like we first saw on the Murcielago), and a pop-up rear wing that is seamlessly integrated into the rear end. Inside, modern touches dominate the cabin, but the seats are finished in a retro pattern that we love. The whole thing looks absolutely fantastic. Here's hoping the Aventador Ultimae is replaced by something just as pretty.

Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design Arc Design
Source Credits: Arc Design

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