The Lamborghini Countach Is Difficult To Drive But This Guy's Mom Managed Just Fine

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"I even went into second gear!"

We're willing to bet that most families have never owned a Lamborghini Countach. It's not exactly the ideal family car. Hell, it's not even the ideal daily driver but it's still one of the greatest supercars ever. But this family happened to own one back in 1987 and, of course, family members who had a driver's license were allowed to get behind the wheel. So when this guy's mom (he was around 16 at the time) tried out the Lambo, the episode became more of a tutorial on how to get the car off the driveway.

Fortunately he got it all on video. Video, as in videotape. But now he's digitally transferred things over and uploaded to the internet, something that didn't exist in '87. How did his mom do? Hint: disengaging the emergency brake certainly helps. The video is totally '80s goodness, complete with retro music.

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