The Lamborghini Huracan Gets So Hot You Can Cook An Egg On It

This is a great way to justify buying one. It doubles as a stove.

Supercars used to be hideously impractical vehicles that would break all of the time and were really uncomfortable. Now, thanks to modern electronics and dual-clutch transmissions, supercars are easier to drive and dare we say it, practical. However, supercars do still have a few quirky features. For example, unlike a normal vehicle, these things have a tendency to get dangerously hot. I had the chance to drive a Ferrari California (the baby model), and the exhaust managed to brand me. So could you use this heat to your advantage?

YouTuber "ComedyShortsGamer" had a theory that his Lamborghini Huracan could get so hot that he would be able to cook an egg on it. After he burns himself several times, he places the egg near the hot exhaust. It may not taste that good, but the Lamborghini can actually cook an egg.

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