The Lamborghini Reventon Would Be The Ultimate Zombie-Fighting Supercar

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In case you were wondering.

There are cars built for survivalists and cars built for zombie-fearing wackos. This creation, penned by rendering artists Vishal Patil, has this second group in mind, although applies to those exclusively with deep pockets. With only 21 units ever made, the Lamborghini Reventon – which incidentally means "small explosion" in Spanish – is one of the rarest supercars on the planet carrying a price tag in the region of $1.5 million.

So when considering what supercar to transform into a lightning quick zombie-fighting machine, the V12-powered Raging Bull wouldn't have been the first to cross our mind. Window reinforcements, extra lights, external metal armor, a bulbar and roof-mounted machine gun, ensures that not only does it have the speed to avoid the undead it can also fight its way out of trouble. The Walking Dead is still going strong and if the producers are reading this, then how about writing in a scene whereby the survivors stumble upon a barn find in the shape of a Lamborghini. A few episodes of adding all the necessary gear to the 200-mph supercar, while chopping up some zombies would make for some awesome television.

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