The Lamborghini Urus Will Be The Fastest SUV Ever At The Nurburgring


Because of course it will be.

On December 4, Lamborghini will be lifting the wraps off the Urus, the second SUV in the automaker's history after the LM002, combining rugged off-road utility with supercar performance. Strangely, the automaker has been downplaying the SUV's potential performance, insisting that the Urus is positioned as a practical SUV that isn't chasing after the Porsche Cayenne's Nurburgring lap record. However, Lamborghini's research and development chief Maurizio Reggiani wasn't as modest in an interview with Motor Authority.

Reggiani claims that the Urus will be the fastest SUV ever at the Nurburgring. Not that we expected anything less from an SUV branded with a Lamborghini badge. Reggiani also hinted at the top speed the Urus will be capable of. "Our SUV will achieve more than 300 kph (187 mph) because it's a Lamborghini. It's our DNA," he said. "(We will) achieve the best lap time for an SUV on Nordschleife-this is a faster SUV." To be crowned the new Nurburgring king, the Urus will need to beat the last-gen Porsche Cayenne Turbo S's lap record of seven minutes and 59.74 seconds.


While the Urus will share a similar 4.0-liter V8 as the recently revealed new generation Cayenne Turbo, it's rumored to generate 650 horsepower compared to the Cayenne's 550 hp. That's even more power than the 600 hp Bentley Bentayga which is currently the fastest SUV on the planet, so expect the Urus to trump its 187 mph top speed and four second 0-62 mph sprint time. The Urus will also likely be lighter than its competitors, so it should be more than capable of setting a fast lap time. Considering that the Huracan Performante holds the record as the fastest production car at the Nurburgring, it makes sense that Lamborghini has similar aspirations for the Urus to become the fastest SUV.

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