The Lamborghini Urus Will Cost as Much as the Huracan?

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And it hasn't even been given the official production green light.

It's probably one of the worst-kept secrets these days. Everyone knows that Lamborghini will launch a production version of the Urus SUV concept in the next few years, assuming there's no catastrophic financial situation within the VW Group. Last year Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann stated that 2017 is when the Urus will be unveiled. A few sources within VW actually put that date, more precisely, in late 2017, with deliveries beginning in 2018.

So now the question is how much will the Urus cost (if this will even be the final name)? Obviously it'll be anything but cheap, but still, this is a Lamborghini so six figures wouldn't be shocking. Australia's is reporting that Lamborghini's General Sales manager for Japan stated that in order to maintain the brand's premium position, the production Urus will be priced similarly to the Huracan, in Japan at least. There's no reason why that pricing won't differ for any other market. Premium is premium everywhere. This means the Urus will very likely carry a price tag of around $237,000. We have no doubt that buyers will be hard to come by.

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