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Toyota Set To Refresh 12 Models Apart From An Off-Road Favorite

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But a new off-road SUV might be considered.

Toyota was the world's second-largest automaker in 2018, losing out to only the Volkswagen Group. The VW Group includes several brands across numerous segments, while Toyota's sales only include the namesake marque and Lexus, making Toyota's second place even more impressive. The Japanese giant is not content to rest on its laurels, and speaking to Motor Trend at the New York Auto Show, Toyota Division general manager Jack Hollis revealed the company's ambitious plan for the next three years.

Starting last fall, Toyota will be releasing 12 all-new or significantly revised models by 2021. This total doesn't include eight other refreshes that will appear in that time span, nor does it factor in special editions models or any new models from Lexus. Of the 12 new vehicles, three are already on sale: the fifth-generation RAV4, redesigned Corolla sedan, and new Corolla hybrid. Three more vehicles - the new Supra, fourth generation Highlander, and new Yaris hatchback - have been revealed, and will hit dealerships later this year.

This leaves six more models to be introduced by 2021, with a next-generation Sienna minivan essentially guaranteed considering the current generation has been on sale since 2011. Hollis mentioned that Toyota is developing a new platform that will become the basis of the Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, and Sequoia, but did not say whether any of these models would fit into the three-year span.

Hollis did suggest that Toyota might double up on certain popular segments. "There's room underneath the RAV4," he elaborated, suggesting another subcompact crossover might join the C-HR and describing the lack of all-wheel drive as "limiting." "They can be in the same segment, but at a different price point. Or one is on-road, while the other is off-road. It could be taller, wider, or more capable," Hollis continued.

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The three-year time constraint also does not include the next Toyota Camry, which, if it follows the traditional five-year cycle, will be replaced near the end of 2022. Hollis also confirmed that updates for the legendary Land Cruiser are not on the table. Nonetheless, we can't wait to see what else Toyota will debut in this time.