The Land Rover Discovery Shows The Bentley Bentayga Who's Boss

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Land Rover started the luxury SUV segment so it won't take crap from an imitator.

Supercars are usually touted as some of the most impressive vehicles in the world because they have the ability to be the fastest cars in their domain as well as luxurious. However, to call supercars the natural winners is to ignore an entirely different segment that's equally impressive. That would be the luxury SUV. While it seems that every automaker is currently releasing one or planning to release one in the near future, Land Rover was the one that started the whole thing.

Now that the release of the Discovery is around the corner, Land Rover wanted to remind the world that it still has what it takes to conquer some of the toughest terrains that this Earth has to offer.

It's easy to make a vehicle to roam the planet with if that's the only order on the menu, but for Land Rover, this simply isn't the case. It's also an excellent companion for the active family and does this without batting an eye. Helping this are an aluminum monocoque and pioneering technological toys that truly make the Land Rover the luxury SUV for true off-roaders, Bentley Bentaygas be damned. It may not be as pretty as the Bentley, but at least owners won't have good looks to deter them from getting a few scratches. Besides, it may be humiliating to Bentley to see how Land Rover's midrange SUV can so easily outgun it off road while keeping the occupants cocooned in luxury.

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Here we don't even have to make the Discovery's slightly polarizing looks an issue because Land Rover has politely camouflaged the SUV for us.

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