The Largest Rolls-Royce Order Ever Made Has Finally Been Delivered

One entrepreneur ordered 30 custom Phantoms.

All the way back in 2014, a Chinese entrepreneur set a record by ordering 30 custom Rolls Royce Phantoms for his hotel in Macau. Stephen Hung, Joint Chairman of The 13 Holdings Ltd., set the record for largest single order for Rolls Royce ever. He ordered 30 long wheelbase Phantoms that are completely bespoke. All 28 of the cars are painted Stephen Red, which a specially formulated color that is infused with particles of pure gold. Two of the cars will be painted gold, and be reserved for "select" guests at the The 13 Hotel.

The cars will have a hand-painted coach line in gold and custom 21-inch wheels that are also painted in Stephen Red. The two special gold cars will feature gold interior accents, a gold grill, and a diamond encrusted Spirit of Ecstasy. On the interior, a checkered pattern is integrated into the seats to match the marble exterior of the hotel. This new hotel will be one of the most luxurious in the world, and these custom Phantoms make the perfect fleet for such an amazing location. Such a large custom order obviously took a while, and BMW Blog is reporting that the first cars have finally arrived before the hotel's 2017 opening.

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