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The Last Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Rolled Off The Line Yesterday

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And that's a wrap.

It's amazing how fast a single model year goes by. Dodge has just announced that yesterday, May 30, the final 2018 Challenger SRT Demon rolled off the production line at the Brampton Assembly Plant in Ontario, Canada. Demon production lasted only one model year with a total of 3,300 examples built. The final car, pictured here with a black exterior, will now be sent to its final assembly stage before it heads to the Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction in Connecticut scheduled for June 20.

What will happen at its final assembly? It'll receive a number of special details, including a new hand-painted exclusive Viper Red exterior color, 18-inch aluminum wheels, 18-inch Demon drag radials tires, and some one-of-a-kind VIN instrument panel badging. The final Demon will be joined at the auction by the last Dodge Viper, as the two will be sold as a pair. The winning bidder will take home a combined 1,485 hp. Dodge intended for Demon production to last just one model year from the get-go, which not surprisingly caused a flurry of dealership and other online markups, despite the automaker's best efforts to prevent that.

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Dodge didn't provide an estimate for the final auction tally of both cars. To give you an idea, back in 2015 the first-ever Challenger SRT Hellcat, VIN 0001, brought in $1.65 million for the same charity auction. This time, however, a pair of uniquely special legends are likely to sell for much, much more.